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There are many resources available online for homeschooling.  We want to connect you to the most relevant resources.  We are your Homeschool Hub!



Where do you get your curriculum for Homeschooling?  We have found great resources at:

Christian Book Homeschool:

Rainbow Resource Center:


Make sure to check the web for coupons if you are ordering curriculum from either of these:


Perhaps you are looking at the legal requirements for homeschooling in your area?  This is something we had to look into.  Every state has different requirements.  Make sure you are meeting them.  This website was helpful to us:

They have very good resources to help you in your homeschool journey.  If you sign up, they will also defend you legally, should any action come against you for homeschooling.

We are excited to begin the homeschool journey with you.  As we learn of resources available, we will continue to post them to help you with your journey.

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