Homeschool schedule reminders with Alexa (Amazon Echo)

I always wondered how I could set up automated schedule reminders so my son would know when it was time to start his homeschool. I tried alarms on my phone. We tried charts all over the house. I conceived of rigging up a school bell in a similar way so it rings out at certain times of the day. There were a lot of options but they were either too pricey or they needed me to remind him of the schedule myself.

By coincidence, we got an Amazon Echo last month. Little did we know of the amazing benefits this would do to our homeschooling schedule. Real easily, you can set up homeschool schedule reminders for your little ones. It could be homework, chores or just to brush their teeth. It is uh-mazing!

Here’s how to do it:

1. Get an Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is the hardware for this homeschool organizing trick. There are 2 versions, one is the basic Echo Dot (this one). It retails for approx $49 (affiliate link). There is a higher end version(this one) which retails at $99 also. For this article let’s start with the basic model, the Echo Dot. It is pretty much plug and play to install.

Homeschool schedule reminders with Alexa
Amazon Echo on

2.Install the Alexa app on your phone.

This is the official app from Amazon that works with the Echo. Shouldn’t be hard to find on the app store. The Alexa logo is shown below to help you find it.

Homeschool schedule reminders with Alexa

3. On your Alexa app, hit the hamburger tab on the top left corner

Homeschool schedule reminders with Alexa

4. Go to Reminders & Alarms

This is a default in the app. You do not need to add other Alexa “skills” to get this feature.

Homeschool schedule reminders with Alexa

5. Click on Add Reminder

Homeschool schedule reminders with Alexa

6. Type what you want Alexa to remind your kids about, set the schedule and you are done!

Alexa will beep at the set time, and read out your homeschool schedule. It will repeat it once and then leave you alone. To set up the days, click on “Repeat” and you can set it for weekends, everyday, weekdays, etc. You can make Alexa loud or connect it to speakers throughout your home (or your kid’s rooms) so they are reminded of the schedule. Juuust a gentle nudge.

Homeschool schedule reminders with Alexa

From here, Alexa will be heard on schedule in your home and your kids will remember to get started on reading, brushing their teeth, fixing their bed or science class! Yes you will need to train your kiddos to follow the schedule, but hey, this should help with setting structure into your day!

Here are some cool ideas to try out:

Daily schedule reminders for
-fix your bed
-bath time
-prep for bed in 10 minutes
-time to continue reading our book about _______
-math time starts in 5 minutes

Weekly schedule reminders for
-clothes in the laundry
-clean up your room
-pick a new book to study for the week
-time for a new science project

I hope this helps you with organizing your homeschool and your household!

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